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Oct 2, 2018

The Archer boys are back again and this time they’re joined by a special guest.  No, it’s not the short adorable Klown.  Sasha Glasser--special effects makeup artist and seasons 7 and 13 contestant on SYFY’s Face Off--joins us to discuss this horrifyingly fun tale of gruesome freaks invading small town USA...and that’s just the college kids.   Sit back, relax, blow up your very own inflatable raft and crack into a jumbo-sized cotton candy cocoon...preferably with fresh human.  Will we make it through this one without getting our blocks knocked off? If so, Sasha is the ideal person to sculpt us new ones--and with more punched-in hair.  Theme song by Matt Akers--check out his bandcamp!  Look for our next episode coming October 15th.