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Apr 1, 2019

On this episode, we’re celebrating the holiday of practical jokes and hoaxes by watching the eponymous 1986 Fred Walton horror-comedy classic APRIL FOOL’S DAY -- and what better way for Muffy/Buffy to celebrate her birthday than to scare the crap out of her closest friends. Will Muffy’s friends forgive her? Are the fortuitous events of this film highly improbable? Does a person really react that way to having their throat slashed by a phony knife? We don’t answer any these questions but we do share some of our own hilarious April Fool’s Day anecdotes.  As always the great BLOOD RAGE theme cover is by Matt Akers. Check out his Bandcamp. Someone rate and review the show. At this point, Ed is really looking for any excuse to shave his head.  Follow us on Instagram @archersofhorrorpodcast. Pretty much the only social media we still care about.