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Apr 15, 2019

People always ask us: which episode of Archers of Horror should I listen to first? Well, here is our new answer, because this episode truly has it all: irrelevant stories, catholic guilt, childhood humiliations and oh yeah we also discuss the best horror film ever made, ROSEMARY'S BABY. And hey it's us talking here so of course we are going to say this, but this is truly a classic episode. Much closer to THE MUTILATOR than to LIFEFORCE (new listeners please know we don't consider that episode canon). Please rate and review, or at least rate, or are you going to make us give away our firstborn child before you do that? Theme song as always by Matt Akers. If you don't follow us on Instagram @archersofhorrorpodcast I cannot imagine why you are reading this far into the description but check it out.