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May 6, 2019

It was the Summer of 1987, Alf was coming into prominence, Michael Jackson showed us who’s “Bad” and PREDATOR was all the rage.  It was every kids dream to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or at least do a spot-on impression.  This episode promises to deliver on one of those.  We also tackle all the important questions: Did the Predator have advanced language? Does the Predator have a bidet attachment on his Sat-com? and Can Ed go 20 seconds with Mike Tyson in his prime? Ed also reveals the harrowing details of his most recent date.  How did it go, you ask? Let’s just say he has Nazareth’s “Love Hurts” on heavy rotation.  Opening theme song by Matt Akers. Seriously, check out his Bandcamp! Someone please rate and review this show already -- Yes, we’re still asking.  And be sure to follow us on Instagram @archersofhorrorpodcast